"Lies run sprints,

but the TRUTH runs marathons!"

                                                                                          -Michael Jacksonhtt

Michael Jackson & See You in July 2011 (The Clues)

Michael Jackson & See You in

July 2011 (The MJ Place)

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Defense Attorney

J. Michael Flanagan Speaks

Susan Yu Tribute

Thank You!

Michael Jackson's 2005 Defense Attorneys Susan Yu & Tom Mesereau

B. Howard
Is He Michael Jackson's Son?
& More Part 2

TMZ Lied About MJ Insurance

& Deeds   

B. Howard
Is He Michael Jackson's Son?
& More

Was Michael Jackson ill during the filming of "This Is It?"

Agent MJ & The Island Theory

Is The Body Really

Michael Joe Jackson?

Apologize Oprah!

Emergency Video

She's Baaaacckk!

Raymone K. Bain

To BeLIEve or not to Believe

That Is The Question

Pearl Jr. Interviews Psychic Jane about

Michael Jackson's "Death"

Michael & Oprah

"Best of Joy" Lyrics' Clue"

Another LaToya Jackson


Oh No, Joe Jackson Didn't

Tiny Lister

Why did he laugh at the end?

Remember The Time's "Stickman"
Perry "Winkle" Williams

Alive! Is Michael Jackson Really Dead? - Commentary

Alive! Is Michael Jackson Really

Dead? - Commercial

Pearl Jr on Michael Jackson Preliminary Hearing

1/4/11 - 1/7/11
(Part 1)

(Part 2)

(Part 3)

(Part 4)

(Part 5)

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Michael has been obsessed with the dead coming back to life since the days of "Thriller" where zombies were prominently featured, again in the video "Ghosts",  and his nephew, Taj Jackson, is currently producing a movie about zombies, so now has Michael really "died" just to COMEBACK to life?


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Behind The Scenes At The Michael Jackson Trial - Commercial

With A Child's Heart
Excerpt from "Behind The Scenes At The Michael Jackson Trial"


Alive! Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?

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